National Geographic Educator Certification  is a professional development program for Pre-K-12 educators with a desire to teach students about the world and how it works in innovative ways.

I was certified as a Nat Geo Educator in June of 2017 and became a trainer soon after. I highly encourage any educators to pursue this avenue of free professional development. Not only is it now a requirement for Grosvenor Teacher Fellow applicants, the program connects you to a growing community and ideas for promoting geographic literacy in your classroom.

There are three phases to becoming certified: the workshop, two activities, and a capstone project. The workshop can be completed online or in person. I was trained in person, but found it useful to watch the online version several times while completing the activities and capstone project.

This program has been such a great experience that I need to share it with others. I’d be happy to answer any questions about the program and workshop opportunities.


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