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There are so many things I am interested in learning about the Arctic and I will get a chance to increase my knowledge base by speaking to Experts, observing on nature hikes, and reading; lots and lots of reading. Part… Continue Reading →

Sunday, April 17, was our last day of Grosvenor Teacher Fellow training at National Geographic Headquarters with the amazing and wonderful people from National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. Karen Copeland, world traveler, photographer, and Lindblad naturalist, gave a presentation on… Continue Reading →

After a very long and informative day of Grosvenor Teacher Fellow training I visited the National Geographic Museum store. Behind the register is a map of the world with pins marking where you have been and where you are going…. Continue Reading →

Photo Credit: Leah Gagne, fellow Fellow. Well, if you’re going to be a tourist, you might as well be flamboyant about it. Check out the tie-dye and bright red beach hat. Some of the west coast educators flew in with… Continue Reading →

Photography is a passion of mine which is a little ironic since I have had little formal training. The only photography class I’ve ever taken was a crash course this March. Hopefully with the help of National Geographic photographers during… Continue Reading →

This year my students and I have been digging deep into the concept of helping others. Between November and May my energetic kindergartners have been learning and writing about that learning. By the end of the school year we hope… Continue Reading →

February 12, 2016 was a great day. No, like REALLY great! Like, “I can’t believe it; you’ve got to be kidding me” great! It was a no-school day due to mid-winter break and I was working on a few school… Continue Reading →

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