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STEM Idea: Paper Airplane Challenge A few years ago my kindergarten students discovered that the extra paper pile was an excellent resource for a fun free play activity. Unbidden, but with permission, they began making paper airplanes and experimenting to… Continue Reading →

Driving Away From Home Two pieces of advice for driving in a foreign country: research road signs thoroughly before you begin your car journey, and ask the locals for clarification whenever you get the chance. While driving a car allows you… Continue Reading →

I am officially a National Geographic Certified Educator and will now be training others to become so as well! I highly encourage any educators to pursue this avenue of free professional development. Not only is it now a requirement for… Continue Reading →

Husky At Base Camp

Black-Legged Kittiwakes Diving For Fish After Humpbacks Surface

Curious Reindeer Calf

Searching Sea Ice for Wildlife on the Bow of the National Geographic Explorer

Family of Bears Observing the Humans

Polar Bear Perspective

Lilliehookbreen Glacier

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