My expedition is over (I will begin posting about it soon) and now I am on the independent leg of the trip. Being new at this whole travel by yourself thing I was thrilled to find out that a few people were headed back in to Oslo today on the train. Somehow I needed to make my way to Oslo via train and then take the metro to my Airbnb residence for the next several days. All along the way there were kind people to help. Most people speak English which is helpful since I’m mono-linguistic. I met a man from Norway that helped us get on the right train to the Oslo Central station. Linda and Katherine, the wonderful women from the expedition who allowed me to tag along on their train journey, parted ways with me when we reached Central Station as they were off to do a sprint of Oslo. The man from Cameroon sitting next to us on the train then helped me find the metro. Then a nice lady near the metro lines helped me find the correct number five… there is more than one! Several young gentlemen helped me find the gate I needed and finally, the coffee shop barista directed me towards the building where I would find my “private room” in an apartment. The gentleman from Norway said I would do just fine getting around because I am so friendly. It is pretty easy for me to start up a conversation, fortunately. Otherwise… I don’t think I would be sitting here in this lovely apartment updating you all on my exploits. The next several days will be interesting as I find my way around Oslo. In between playing tourist I will be completing assignments for the fellowship as they are due relatively soon.

Being a fellow on the ship helped me hone my people skills as well. Every meal I tried to sit with a different set of passengers. I think I sat with at least two-thirds of the passengers and some of the staff. It was a great way to form friendships. I got so used to sitting down at a table with new people that this morning at the hotel buffet I sat down at a table that was obviously being used. There was an orange juice glass at one of the seats. When the occupants came back they were a little surprised and I realized my faux-pas. They were very kind when I explained my week and very nicely allowed me to stay. So now, it is my mission while in eating establishments to ask if I may join the table. Then perhaps they can direct me to my next stop… wherever that may be.

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