I’ve been asked, “Are you ready? Are you getting excited?” a lot in the last few days. Only six days until departure. OF COURSE I’M EXCITED!!!!!! As far as ready goes… I’ve actually been packing for weeks. Today I unpacked and packed again just to make sure I had everything. I’m sure I’m over-packed and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. It will be fine… right? My sinuses and ear are killing me either due to allergies or a cold. I pray that will go away very soon! There is nothing like being on a plane and ship with equilibrium and pressure issues! Fortunately I packed LOTS of Dramamine. It’s also beginning to hit me that I will be away from my son and husband for a month. It’s never been longer than a week before. Thankfully I have a loving and supportive family that is backing me all the way!

For those of you following this blog, know that internet on the ship is not very reliable. I will post as much as I can but most will probably be after June 21st. You can follow the expedition through Lindblad Expedition Reports though. Follow the link above.

Final note before actual expedition posting: While training in Washington D.C. I was asked to write a letter to myself. It was delivered this week. I signed it, “You can do this.” Yup. I can.

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