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June 2016

Family of Bears Observing the Humans

Polar Bear Perspective

Lilliehookbreen Glacier


First Night on the National Geographic Explorer in the Arctic Svalbard

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

Being filmed by Videographer David while interviewing Doug about blue ice. Photo Courtesy of Fiona Hall

My expedition is over (I will begin posting about it soon) and now I am on the independent leg of the trip. Being new at this whole travel by yourself thing I was thrilled to find out that a few… Continue Reading →

Courtesy of Lindblad Expedtions

Let’s Play

One of the best benefits of being a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow is the experiential learning portion of the year. Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic are sending me to a remote area of the world to learn by doing, seeing, touching,… Continue Reading →

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