As a Grosvenor Fellow, I have been very blessed with an amazing outpouring of support. There have been many well wishers, hugs, and high fives throughout the last three months which I will take with me on my journey. Thank you!

Thank you to my school community for embracing the involvement of the student body. I can’t wait to read all of their questions and try to get some answers!

Thank you to Laurel Smith who posted on the reader board downtown announcing the fellowship. My son and I went there after school to take pictures and she was still there. After speaking with Laurel I discovered that she would have put it up sooner but she had to order more letters! Wow, such an honor.

Thank you to those helping me gear up for my adventure: the K team, my mom, Ship-to-Shore, and the Schmidt, Richardson, and Reynolds families. REI is starting to feel like a second home at this point. You know you’ve been in a lot when the clerk calls you by your first name. I’m pretty well set now.

Thank you most of all to the wonderful people at National Geographic and Lindblad Expedtions, especially Sven Lindblad and Gil Grosvenor. Without you this would not have been possible.

Three weeks until I board the plane. Thank you is not enough.


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